Product Care: 

Natural rope and leather can last a lifetime, but they need a little help from you. The way you care for your bike should extend to the way you care for our products. Resist storing your Jon Lock in the ocean, tanning bed, or your gas tank. A dry environment will give your lock a long and happy life. All of our leather is dressed with a beeswax, mink oil, and pitch blend from the pine trees of Montana to help fend off the elements. Condition your lock at least once a year with a good leather conditioner. We highly recommend Montana Pitch Blend


Return Policy:

We accept full returns within 90 days of an item's purchase. After those 90 days we offer full replacement and free repairs for the lifetime of the product. See repairs / upgrades.

Repairs / Upgrades:

Did your rope wear out after three years of locking it to the grease trap behind work? Send it back and we will re-wrap that thing. Did some turd cut your lock with his Swiss Army Knife? Shoot us an email and we will get you set up with a new one. Did you see a new version of your lock hit the streets and get mad jealous? Pay an upgrade fee and we'll get you that shiny new lock. 


Contact us for all questions and inquiries about repairs and upgrades.