Moto Cable Lock Natural

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When taking the key out of your motorcycle isn't good enough, lock that thing down. Just when the thief pops it into neutral and tries to roll it away BAM - MOTO LOCK to the rescue. At 5 feet long, the Moto Lock is our longest cable yet. If you're feeling real frisky, buddy up with another biker babe and lock 'em both up. This thing comes alone, so pair it up with a Dalman Padlock or a magic spell, the options are endless.
Rope: The highest quality natural manila rope harnesses a 1/4" galvanized cable swaged together at industry-standard strength.


Metal: All exterior metal is stainless steel and completely weather proof.


Leather: Natural leather is vegetable tanned and treated with Montana Pitch Blend. With an occasional conditioning this leather is equipped to endure outdoor conditions for life. It's polished up with double stitched nylon thread and epoxy. * The natural leather is undyed but will darken with outdoor use to a beautiful honey color. 

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